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Here's a Thought.

One of the biggest ways you get funds is through your local business community, Right?
Wouldn't it be great to go to them GIVING something rather than always Asking for something?
What if you could Partner with them to Grow their Bottom Line?
A Partnership where you Both Made Money?

And the best part, it was FREE to both of you?

Make No Mistake, you are SELLING the fact that someone needs to help you Fund something.
Isn't it time that activity became a Two Way Street?
Isn't it time you had a system to give you One Up on the other funding needs out there, your competition?  


There are actually Three Parts to our system.

John's services here, and visit the portfolio for samples of John's work.



Has a Little More Appeal than FUNDraising wouldn't you agree?


What will your
Members see?

  • On the "Consumer" link the video shows what they get.
  • We give you a SmarterApp that does all the work on this project. Click the emblem.
  • We do all the work, take the calls, etc.

Your link will be something like

Save Money, a Nice Ring.